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TIE - A Game About Depression

Experience existential dread as the void beckons for you in this short atmospheric narrative about depression. · By TonyNowak, darithorn


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Experience TIE for $1.00 or free!
Experience TIE, for $1.00 or entirely free! TIE is a game about depression and the existential dread we all face...
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TIE v1.3.6
The last loop problem is fixed, pointed out to me by a very kind Steam user after the last patch. I re-enabled dev console so 0 - Menu 1-5 Days and 6-7 Finale C...
TIE v1.3.1 & Moving Ahead
The game can now be played in its entirety! -Fixed Wed night returning player to Tue Morning. -Disabled dev console. Will add option to toggle in future. Moving...
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TIE v1.3.0 Changelog
V1.3.0 Changelog -Fixed particle fx image/texture corruption after Day 1. -Removed gradients on outdoor levels due to Z axis and sprite layers having sorting is...
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