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[7/10/18 8:23 AM] A very kind Steam user pointed out on last loop fix. I have fixed and re-nabled dev console. 0 - Menu 1-5 Days 6-7 Finale & Credits
- Description -

TIE is a game about depression and the daily grind we are all forced too endure. Experience a week of more of the same, every day, through the eyes of our main character as the world and its inhabitants slowly start too become increasingly unfamiliar. Irregularities in the world and from deep within plague your day to day and a strange force seems to tear the very fabric of reality itself, as it becomes apparent that not all is as it seems in this short, atmospheric game about depression and existential dread.

  • An intricately detailed and beautiful pixel art world to explore.
  • An atmospheric narrative about the routine we all face and the void beyond.
  • A wonderful, hauntingly melancholy soundtrack composed by Meat Analogue.

We become aware of the void as we fill it. Embrace life. Embrace work. Embrace routine. Embrace the unnatural but strangely compelling voice of the void that calls to you from beyond; a place neither here nor there, but rather simply... just is. After you...


- Controls -

A, D - Left, Right

LMB - Interact

Mouse Wheel/MMB - Zoom In, Zoom Out, Reset Zoom

ESC - Menu


- About Us -

TIE is our first officially complete project to date, with HITV to follow behind shortly. My name is Tony, and I am responsible for the programming, art, and concept, and the man responsible for the amazing soundtrack and helping along said concept is none other than 'Meat Analogue', or Jeremy Romberg. A special thanks to 'darithorn' who originally wrote a good portion of TIE, and a very special thank you to Niko Romberg and Veronik Connan for their contributions to the track 'Stay Close', and last by not least, another very special thank you to Daniel O Halloran and Sam Loeschen, your support has been incredible and invaluable .

To listen to more of Meat Analogues music, please visit his webpage here.

For all things TIE or HITV, follow me on Twitter @tonynowak44

You can see Sam's work @samloeschen



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