TIE v1.3.0 Changelog

V1.3.0 Changelog

-Fixed particle fx image/texture corruption after Day 1.

-Removed gradients on outdoor levels due to Z axis and sprite layers having sorting issues. I will retouch the art itself as a later date. This is what was causing the outside texts to not display, as Unity could not figure where the text mesh should render.

-Changed certain texts and checked for consistency (for example blue tie guy saying it's Monday on a Tuesday).

-Corrected grammatical errors and incorrect spellings, please let me know if I missed any.

-Fixed all scene paths to and from one another. There should be absolutely no reason you are loaded into the wrong scene.

-The duplicate day bug has been fixed, I never ran into it editor, which is why I was so frustrated about you guys experiencing it, I did however run into it in the builds.  I deleted meta data from build settings and re-added the scene list in order again to the build settings, this seems to have resolved the issue.

-Fixed as many audio bugs as I could, if I missed any, let me know.

-Adjust fog particles density across all levels for performance reasons.

-Adjusted all other you interactions to be proper (some displayed wrong text or did not display text or the start/end triggers would not activate properly for each event).

-Audio levels properly adjusted, though, the void tears may need to be quieter.

-Development console extended thoroughly for play. 0-5 takes you through the days. 6-7 is the finale, or credits. Pressing R reloads the game fully and returns you to the main menu. P was a special control added for you, though you shouldn't need it, used initially to warp you past the Wed bug.

-Edited NPC patrols so that NPC's no longer block important/critical interactions (such as boss at work blocking clock in). If you notice anything odd with the NPC's, let me know.

-Re-purposed and darkened up to better represent night on the almost dreamlike, mist covered 'Outside_Evening_Sat' map, and made morning brighter for the same day.

-Sun was not enabled in all outdoor morning scenes.

-Reduced wait time for bus on Wednesday, it matches the others at 24 seconds. The wait time was initially doubled.

-Fixed bus text display when you hover over the buses open door.

-I never noticed, bus now has proper pull up, drive-away sounds.

-Cleaned up code and removed un-used Debug.Logs,variable, as well as added more comments to some of the code in the project.

-Tweaked ambient noises volume, and re-enabled some like the generator hum outside at night, etc.

-Corrected the days you the player should be glitch y, they had gotten switched.

-Duplicate yous are no longer an issue and their appearing between levels loaded (always in underwear, fun little bug), in certain scenes there would also be duplicates of the mouse cursor as well, causing clicks to sometimes not register.

-Beefed up music manager one last time, M will mute music, and volume of it can be changed with < or >.

-Songs no longer loop on certain days.

-ALL levels have proper collision and bounding boxes.


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Apr 22, 2018

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