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Hey man, I love your game, I loved the style. Congratulations on the incredible art. I am from Brazil and always wanted to create a game in this subject, could you give me some advice? any way? I'm starting programming and I wanted this to be my first project. Any advice on how you started, how you started designing your game, the language you used in development, and how it went. Just a tip for a big fan of your art. Sorry for the English of the translate hahaha.

very much liked playing your game- very contemplative and melancholic, two of my favorite things :)

Thank you! I am making another larger Bitsy project stay tuned!

very cool!

Hi, since you recommend to us to listen to the "Take Me Far Away" song while we play your game, wouldn't it be cool to contain it in your game? What do you think?


I know there's a work around, but Bitsy does not have sound tools even for importing. I will implement the work around and update the HTML file. :) 

Thank you, nice little game you have here. I love the graphics and the music will make it even better!

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I enjoy using Bitsy for smaller narratives/ideas. The restriction gives scope and I'm not staring as massive scripts/sprite-sheets all day. It is a change of pace for the game dev which is relaxing and stress-free. I'll be issuing a patch tonight and will post when it is live.